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10 Key Formula Families (桂枝证)

Cinnamon Twig Presentation (桂枝证)
In Chinese medicine,the symptom pattern or signs that point to the use of a particular herb is referred to as the ‘herb presentation ’(药证);thus,the symptom pattern that should be treated with Cinnamomi Ramulus (gui zhi) is the 'cinnamon twig presentation '(桂枝证)。In esence,this is a summary of the distinctive functions and appropriate uses of Cinnamomi Ramulus(gui zhi).
   In other words,a cinnamon twig presentation is a situation where,in accordance with the evidence reflected in the signs and symptoms Cinnamomi Ramulus(gui zhi) should be prescribed.Over the course of several thousand years,Chinese doctor have accumulated significant and extremely practical experience understanding on what basis,and for which patterns,,Cinnamomi Ramulus(gui' zhi) is useful.
      Let's draw a metaphor here :If Cinnamomi Ramulus(gui zhi) is an arrow,then the cinnamon twig presentation is the target. Accurate aim results in a better score.Similarly,if the herb presentation accurately corresponds to the patient's presentation,treatment will of course be effective.The logic of this method is just that simple.Therefore,it is said,Prescribe the herbs in accordance with the presentation or Treat by the corresponding herb presentation.
       It can be said that herb presentation are the foundation of clinical practice in Chinese medicine and are a basic tenet of treatment by differential pattern diagnosis,There is not a single genuine Chinese doctor who does not spend a lot of effort working on the determination of herb presentations.
       A cinnamon twig presentation is composed of two aspects:
      1.Fever or a subjective feeling of fever;sweats easily,even to the point of spontaneous sweating;aversion to wind,sensitivity to cold,joint pain

      2.A subjective feeling of upward movement or pulsations in the abdomen;palpitations,being easily startled,feeling flushed,insomnia

   The fever in cinnamon twig presentations is a low-grade fever or merely a subjective sense of fever accompanied by sweating,aversion to wind,and fear of cold.While examining the patient,it is common to find the skin of the abdomen and palms to be relatively moist.A feeling in the abdomen of pulsation or a sensation of something moving upward is known in Chinese medicine as 'running piglet'(奔豚)or 'struts above the navel'(脐筑)。Normally,it is not easy to be aware of the pulsing of the aorta in one's abdomen;only when there is a certain sensitivity of the nervous system is the pulsation felt.In the same way,being easily startled,insomnia,and palpitations are all considered part of the same response.From this it can be inferred that the cinnamon twig presentation relates to pathological patterns that result from functional imbalances in such processes as thermal regulation,sweat gland secretions,blood vessel tension,and nervous tone.

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