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The clinical applications of the cinnamon twig formula family are quite broad. It is one of the first formula familiesthat practitioners of Chinese medicine should understand and become familiar with .Andto become familiar with Cinnamon(桂枝汤),it is first necessary to understand the characteristics of cinnamon twig, CinnamomiRamulus (guizhi)
    Cinnamomi Ramulus(guizhi) is the dried twig of the cassia tree ,which belongs to the camphor family .It is primarily produced in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces and is particularly fragrant and aromatic.It has a slightly sweet taste and acrid and spicy properties.
   The clinical application of Cinnamomi Ramulus(guizhi) is indeed broad .It is included in 44 of the113 formulas in Discussion of Cold Damage(伤寒论).A look at the clinical literature sho that Cinnamomi Ramulus(gui zhi) can be used for symptoms of fever,spontaneous sweating ,body aches and pain,joint pain ,headache,abdominalpain,diarrhea,cold limbs,feeling flushed,seminal emissions,palpitations,irregularheartbeat,wheezing,shortness of breath,superficial edema,stagnant blood,and emotional disturbances.
      There is not just one curative function to Cinnamomi Ramulus(gui zhi) and it would be extremely difficult to use modern medical disease to describe the appropriate scope of this medicinal.You could say that Cinnamomi Ramulus(gui zhi)is one of the most difficult to use herbs.You could also say,however,that it is one of the most fascinating herbs.This is because it is an herb that confirms and treats a pattern of disharmony,but not one that cures a 'disease'.In this way,it is a quintessentiallyChinese medicinal herb.In Chinese medicine, technically speaking,its function can be summarized as having the ability to harmonize the yin,open the yang,benefit water,cause the qi to descend,promote the dissipation of stasis and tonify the middle.
       It is really difficult to explain these technical terms in a clear way.For now,let's just bypass this issue and first take a look at how Cinnamomi Ramulus(gui zhi) is used in the clinic.

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